Adventures of the Sword Coast

The adventurers storm the barracks room, surprising the Goblins resting inside. Once the combat turns against the Goblins the party hears a wheezy voice from up on the escarpment. It says “Truce or I will kill this human!”

The party looks up to see a Goblin holding a human captive over the edge of the escarpment. The human as been badly beaten and is barely conscious. Zodrick recognizes the human as Sildar Halwinter.

The Goblin leader introduces himself as Zeemik and demands the head of Klarg as payment for Sildar’s life. Zodrick says that Klarg has fled the cave. Zeemik counteroffers with a sum of 500 gold pieces. The party refuses and combat resumes.

Sildar is dropped from the ledge and falls unconscious to the stone floor. The last Goblin surrenders and is captured by the party. Finellen casts a cure wounds spell to stabilize Sildar. The party leaves the cave, returns to the wagon (finding it undisturbed) and continues on towards Phandalin. They camp overnight after an hour or so journey.



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